Why does NTree exist?

After many years of European fund sales experience, Tim Harvey realised that most European asset allocators were missing the huge investment opportunity the Chinese capital markets have to offer. There were many reasons for this.

Firstly, there was a surprising lack of coverage in the financial press of China-focussed investment stories.

Secondly, the mainstream press did not portray a good image of the Chinese state or industry. Hence most people were not aware of the high level of transparency and governance in the Chinese capital markets.

Thirdly, and most importantly, due to China being historically underrepresented in major stock market indices, European asset allocators were not compelled to research the China market.

Tim realised that UCITS investors needed an education, advisory, and distribution service that helped them better understand the Chinese capital markets. So NTree was born in 2017.

NTree exists to educate professional investors on the investment opportunity for China.

  • We organise seminars, road shows, and conference calls so Chinese asset managers can share information with European professional investors
  • We act as a resource for the European financial press to disseminate information on the Chinese capital markets
  • We help European asset allocators intelligently invest in China by setting up one-to-one meetings between them and China-based fund managers

Primary Market Services

Hand-in-hand with our work with European asset allocators, we also assist domestic Chinese and international Private Equity managers to connect with inbound and outbound investment opportunities.  Our broad network of contacts in Europe and China help us to facilitate introductions and curate opportunities where needed.  For more information or to discuss any potential projects you may have, please contact us via the contact page.

The Team