The China Investment Opportunity

As the Chinese economy continues to grow above 6% YoY and China remains at the forefront in innovation in AI, Renewable energy, and Electric vehicles, the investment case for China is stronger than ever. Since 2018, international index providers have begun to include Chinese A-Shares in global emerging market indices. This has led to billions of inflows into China’s capital markets as index trackers rebalance their portfolios. The China investment opportunity cannot be ignored!

China Funds

There are a variety of active and passive funds that allow European asset managers to get exposure to the Chinese markets.

In addition to 21 UCITS ETFs listed on European exchanges, there are a variety of active funds.

  Invest in China Funds

  • A Tesla Model 3 contains around 30kg of Nickel, primarily in the battery.

  • In 2018, around 6,054 Electric Vehicle charging poles were installed per month in China, serving millions of users.

  • Reflecting its rapidly growing innovation capacity, China accounted for 44% of the world’s patent applications in 2017.

  • Did you know?

    • The Asian economic zone now represents 50% of global GDP* and 70% of global economic growthEuropean Business review

    • China's two exchanges have a combined market cap of over $7.5trn and list more than 2,800 companies. If we also include Hong Kong’s market as a China market, the value of Chinese stock markets easily passes $10trn, the second largest market after USA.

    • All the platinum ever produced would only cover your ankles in one Olympic sized swimming pool. All the gold ever produced would fill three Olympic sized swimming pools.

    China Commodities

    China’s tremendous growth story is synonymous with Commodities.

    China’s extensive infrastructure investment has been tied to a dramatic growth in the commodities markets.

      Invest in China Commodities

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